camera stabilizers systems

Mid of the 90's, I started to design my own camera stabilizer systems.

After doing upgrades, brackets and other stuff for existing systems, I invented the eclipse camera stabilizer system, distributed by the MOVFE Company.

This compact system made it's way even into the Asian market. It was metric, quite modular and lightweight and it offers some features no one else offered in this time, like a internal Tally system, full symmetric camera dovetail plates with light weight support mount and a lot more.

Starting 2001 in cooperation with Sachtler, I designed  a brand new family of camera stabilizer systems named artemis.
The artemis Cine HD Pro, EFP HD the DV Pro MD and FX and finally the artemis Handheld.

This modular, metric upgradeable systems supports the complete range of cameras, using all kind of available video signals and voltages.

The strong relationship to owner and user influenced the design of the artemis product range, and made this system to a powerful tool supporting the needs of today’s operators.

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