Sachtler artemis Cine HD Pro 1.8“

super post ACT2 1.8“

artemis vest ACT2

artemis ACT2 spring arm

Transvideo 6“ Cine HD monitor

GPI Pro System uprated with

Sachtler 1.8“ ACT2 Post and ACT2 Gimbal

super post

GPI green crt monitor

GPI spring arm

GPI vest

C-Motion 3 channel wireless focus remote system

Heden digital motors / all gears

C-Motion zoom device

Ramping software / C-Motion

Cine Tape measure system

interacting with the C-Motion system

Modulus 3000 video transmitter

Transvideo digital receiver

Transvideo rainbow 6.5" monitor

Gyro KS 6 with brackets

Low mode brackets

Hard mount for Euro mount

Comtect Intercom system

Tally system

Triax adapter cables

250 W head light

Kino flow eye light

Teleprompter for steadicam